I recorded this collection in October and November, 2004. I don't know where the name came from, it just seemed to fit. Twelve pieces totalling over fifty minutes, so it's a pretty substantial collection. On the other hand, I've exhausted all the songs I've mastered, so I'm not sure what I'll do next year...

Note: please don't just click on the songs, as it eats up my bandwidth. Instead, download the links so you can play them as much as you want on your own computer. Thanks!
Hymn My favorite piece for this album. In one of those strange ways, when I first played this piece, I realized that it was the piece for my friends David and Trudy, to be played at their wedding. Never mind that they got married almost three years ago...
composed by Liz Story, 4:32, 6.2 Mb
If You Believe The first of several pieces by Jim Brickman. What can I say, I bought a collection of his works last year...
composed by Jim Brickman, 3:02, 4.1 Mb
In A Lover's Eyes Another Brickman piece. I like the way that the previous piece flows into this piece, almost as if they are two movements of the same song.
composed by Jim Brickman, 3:34, 4.9 Mb
So Close A very fun piece to play, with a lot of variation of tempo and volume, and several different themes that repeat with variations.
composed by Wayne Gratz, 4:30, 6.1 Mb
We Met Today When I first attempted this piece, it was the most difficult piece I had tried. It seems easy now, so I guess my skill is coming back fairly well. A nice piece; it came out faster than I intended, but I actually like that way now that I've herd it.
composed by Jim Brickman, 3:54, 5.3 Mb
Heartland A very simple and slow romantic piece.
composed by Jim Brickman, 3:12, 4.3 Mb
Anthem Of My Heart Both the longest piece and the last recorded. The ending third or so of the piece is supposed to be fairly loud, but I found the chords sounded too harsh when recorded that way, so I ended up playing with peaks and valleys of volume rather than a steady climb. Not sure how I like the results, but until I get a different piano and/or recording setup...
composed by Robin Speilberg, 9:53, 13.5 Mb
Borders A nice piece, with some interesting subtleties in the playing.
composed by Jim Brickman, 3:22, 4.6 Mb
In This Small Spot An absolutely beautiful piece. The original recording by Tim Story was a synthesizer piece, but it works wonderfully for a solo piano.
composed by Tim Story, 3:34, 4.9 Mb
Hero's Dream Definitely the happiest piece in this collection.
composed by Jim Brickman, 2:34, 3.5 Mb
Rocket To The Moon I don't really get the title to this piece -- it is a little pensive and introspective in tone. I guess that working at NASA changes the emotional impact of the phrase for me.
composed by Jim Brickman, 2:58, 4.0 Mb
The Shape Of Her Face I put this one at the end of the album because it is the slowest, most melancholy piece on the album. Was the composer thinking of a lost love?
composed by Michael Whalen, 6:50, 9.3 Mb